Ludwig Gramberg

Ludwig Gramberg
// web developer

// Services

What I do best:

Magento v1+2

For Magento I provide performance tuning, extension development, cache implementations, data migration and complete shops.


Wordpress has become a powerful tool to build even complex websites. I focus on usability, fast page delivery and security.


I develop tailor-made web applications. I focus on performance, scalability and usability.


As a web developer I made myself familiar with Linux to harness all it has to offer for web applications and more.

Google Analytics

A good analytics tool is a must have. I can help with setting it up and give you an overview of what is going on.


MySQL drives most of the big open source web applications. If need be I get into the nitty-gritty details of queries, indices and performance.

Part of my projects I work on together with a team of talented webdesigners, copy writers and other developers.

// Skills

What enables me to do what I do:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • git
  • ORM object relational mapping
  • OOP object oriented programming
  • LXC Linux Container
  • ansible Ansible Provisioning
  • vagrant Vagrant
  • Scrum
  • html5
  • responsive webdesign
  • DE german (native speaker)
  • EN english (fluently)
  • FR french (basics)
  • CZ czech (basics)
  • 14 14 years of work experience
  • computer science degree
  • whatever comes next

// References

A selection of what i worked on or am working on:

Stephan Weller

Responsive Wordpress website presenting artful lamps and bulbs made by Stephan Weller.

Design von Wilson Freitag.

Instituto Feldenkrais

Responsive Wordpress for Feldenkrais Organizer based on Wordpress and Teachem. Student Account which features all of the students training data.

Designed by Wilson Freitag.

Getränke City

Responsive Magento Webshop with customization for a beverage delivery company. Fully integrated with the clients ordersystem.

Design based on a theme.

Feldenkrais Ausbildung

Responsive website for Feldenkrais Organizer based on Wordpress and Teachem. Blazing fast due to full page caching.

Design based on theme. Homepage designed by Jan V. Ulrich.


Multi-language Magento shop which I help to develop, optimize and extend.

Design by agency. Inhouse frontend programming.


Custom made event management software which manages clients, events, billing, presences and more.

ProLicht Live

ProLicht live - custom made web ERP suite for one of Europe’s leading signware company.


Wordpress website for german association for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Blazing fast due to full page caching.

Design by Jan V. Ulrich.

Xing Seminare

Wordpress website for german Xing seminar organizer. Integrated the website with order-backend.

Design and frontend by Alexander Rüffer.

Elias Franke

Responsive portfolio website for a friend who is a video and audio professional.

Design based on a theme.


Custom made CMS for small responsive website for a hairsalon in Berlin.

Design and frontend by Jan V. Ulrich.

mf Berufsbekleidung

Workwear Magento Shop.

Design based on a theme.

// About me

I'm a 33 year old web developer from Potsdam, Germany who currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic.

I take pride in my work and enjoy it. What drives me is to enable my clients to have the website / application / system they need and to see it run smoothly. I especially enjoy to work in ecommerce because I can experience how my clients prosper and profit from my work.

Honesty is very important to me, this includes knowing my limits and admitting them openly. I am flexible and used to deal with the reality of business and will find compromises if necessary.

I like challenges and enjoy learning new things.